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    Yes, You Can Negotiate Project Constraints!
    By Alan S. Koch
    Alan S. Koch "This is what we need. You can use these resources. And you must deliver it by that date." Does this sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Many project managers find themselves in just such a situation. There are lots of dictates, no flexibility, and more often than not little realism in the demands. Read more »
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    FastRAMP™ Online Courses with Toolkits
    Masterful Management of Risk
    You can't afford to ignore project risks.
    PMLight for Smaller Projects
    Your smaller, shorter projects are important too.

    Managing Without Authority – PM Power and Influence, No Title Required
    Whose help, effort, or commitment do you need? And how do you get it?

    Case Study
    Making a Huge Leap Forward after a Project Disaster
    They had 18 months to pull off a revolutionary new product design and have it ready for a tradeshow, and their business was very literally on the line. One problem: The last project like this had taken four years. This mini-case explains how they pulled it off.
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    Reaching Up In Relationship

    Be Uncomfortable

    Create Your Own Reality

    Forming a Team? Plan for Success

    Be Interested In Results
    In the first part of this article we reviewed some familiar ground regarding requirements gathering and some pitfalls you may have already encountered. We also covered stakeholder influence and how you should weight the importance of the requirements you are gathering from those sources.

    Chris Hill explains why there's more to requirements gathering than "ask what everyone thinks" Read More »
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    Agile Technique Brief - Retrospectives
    The more focused and frequent lessons learned meetings are, the more valuable they will be. Retrospectives are an agile technique that any team can use to identify opportunities for improvement in their processes, team dynamics, and decision-making as well as areas for continued excellence. Frequent looks back at your project allow you to make course corrections as you work.  Get the Template »

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    Recent Blog Post
    Deconstructing the PMO to Save the Brand
    PMO failure rates, expectation gaps, and how some traditional branding can help.
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